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About Mallow's cat carrier bags

Whether you're hitting the skies, the road, or the local vets' office, cat carrier bags are the safe and stylish way for kitty to travel!

Every precious pussycat is different. Some get curious and need to see the world go past from their carrier. Shy kitties might prefer to hide inside a more solid-sided pet carrier, seeking the safety of total denial that this travel thing is even happening.

Our cat carrier bags come with a variety of features including removable washable inside padding, internal safety tethers, privacy panels, all mesh carriers for warm climates, heavily quilted carriers for cold weather.

Whatever your puss thinks of roaming the globe, we've got the carrier to get 'em there!


  • internal tether: attach to your pets' collar for added safety
  • open sides and tops for lots of airflow
  • sheltered sides and tops for shy puppies
  • mix and match color and sizes for multiple pet situations
  • fluffy soft internal padding
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Special Order cat carrier bags

Check out our full range of dog and cat carry bags, and if you don't see what you want, contact us with your special requirements and let us source the perfect cat carrier bags for you!