Dog Carrier Backpacks

Dog Carrier Backpacks

About Mallow's Dog Carrier Backpacks

Dog carrier backpacks are simply the suavest way to beat-feet with your pooch in tow!

For city dwellers, backpacking your dog keeps them clean and safe while they enjoy top-class views from the security of their perch on your back. In the meantime, your hands are free and you can focus on getting through you're journey, skipping the hassle of leads, tangles, dirty pup-feet, and un-wanted nibbles on passing sidewalk snacks.

Heading for the country? Long rambles tire-out pups just as much as they wear us out, and soft suburban pup-paws can hurt after a time on the trail. Dog carrier backpacks keep you hiking past pupster-breakpoint (which, if you've haven't had the pleasure, is the point where your hiking buddy is flat out, belly to the ground, refusing to take anther step... )

So pop your pup in a dog carrier backpack to make your travels super-simple!


We carry dog carrier backpacks with many of the following features

  • internal pet tether: attach to your pets' collar for added safety open sides and tops for lots of airflow airline approval - always check with your airline to be sure!! wheels, shoulder straps, luggage-handle straps, and other easy-carry features
  • internal tether: attach to your pets' collar for added safety
  • open sides and tops for lots of airflow
  • sheltered sides and tops for shy puppies
  • mix and match color and sizes for multiple pet situations
  • fluffy soft internal padding
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Special Orders

Special Order Dog Carrier Backpacks

Check out our full range of cat and dog carrier backpack and bags, and if you don't see what you want, contact us with your special requirements and let us source the perfect Dog Carrier Backpacks for you!