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Collapsible Silicone Bowl and Water Bottle Holder

  • Portable potables: the collapsible silicone pet bowl for pups on the go

    Tuck this silicone pet bowl away where it's handy, and you'll never be short of a drinking station when you're out and about.

    Choose from 7 bright colors in 2 sizes to suit dogs of all sizes. The included carabina can be attached directly to the bowl or to the water bottle attachment extender. Use the extender to grip tight over the top of any regular water bottle, so it's easy to keep your pup's water close at hand.

    Any pupster on the go will tell you, fresh safe drinking water is the best! Choose Large or Small to get the right size for your dog. Enjoy!

  • This silicone pet bowl features

    • 7 colors to choose from
    • Collapsible pet safe silicone
    • Small or large sizes
    • Small bowl holds 230ml
    • Large bowl holds 500ml
    • Carabiner for hanging
    • Detachable water bottle holder grips around neck of bottle
    • Applicable Breed: Small to Large Dogs
    • Pattern: Solid
    • Season: All Seasons
    • Style: silicone pet bowl
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  • Approximate Size

    Small Bowl 250ml 1 cup
    Large Bowl 500ml 2 cups
  • Special Order Silicone Pet Bowl

    Check out our full range of pet carriers and beds, and if you don't see what you want, contact us with your special requirements and let us source the perfect silicon pet bowl for you!


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