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Sunshade House with Cherry Red Stripe | S,M,L Cat Carrier

  • Cheerful Cherry Red-Striped Cat Carrier in Small, Medium or Large

    Cute as a kitten, this cat carrier features a sweet sunshade that makes me strangely nostalgic for tents and camping. I can almost picture my kitty cats, perched in the doorway of their red-striped camping tent, listening to the bird-sounds around them in the woods...

    Chances are you're just off to the vet for a regular checkup, and this little carrier has the size, style, and flexibility you need get your precious parcel where you need to be. Breathable mesh side and end pockets keep the air flowing around kitty, while the mostly-enclosed sides and top ensure security from prying eyes. Padded shoulder-strap and handles, all in easy-clean polyester.

    And for our feline friends who don't want to leave the cat carrier when they get to the office? This little beauty fully unzips, saving struggles as pussy-cat tries to cling to safety... instead, just unzip!

  • Featured in this Cat Carrier

    • Sassy red striped style
    • Cute retractable sunshade
    • Breathable mesh end and side panel
    • Mostly enclosed sides and top for privacy
    • Dark mesh for shy kitties who want to hide
    • Handle and padded shoulder strap
    • Suitable for:
        S: up to 3 lbs
        M: up ton 8 lbs
        L: up to 12 
    • Easy to clean, soil resistant polyester
    • External slim document pocket
  • Approximate Sizing

      Length Width Height
    S 36 cm 21 cm 21 cm
      14.1 in 8.2 in 8.2 in
    S 40 cm 25 cm 25 cm
      15.7 in 9.8 in 9.8 in
    S 47 cm 26 cm 29 cm
      18.5 in 10.2 in 11.4 in
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    Feature: Breathable
    Pattern: Dots
    Applicable Dog Breed: Small Dog
    Season: All Seasons
    Style: Dog Carrier Backpack


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